Study after study confirms it: consumers today care as much about a company’s values and how these are reflected in their actions, as they do about its products and services.

But where do these values come from, if not from those who lead the company? For too long, companies have misunderstood the importance of their stated values, viewing them as nothing more than a marketing tool. The synergy between these values and those of corporate leadership has also been widely overlooked.

This is why G4G is inviting everyone to uncover their 4 core values through a new online tool – the Values 4GOOD Quiz. Like a compass to guide your actions, your decisions and even your life, this simple quiz will help you to unlock the power of alignment. Societal change starts with the individual – we all know this. So, isn’t it time we lived our lives in harmony with our deepest values? Wait no longer – click here to get started!

Author: alex

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