Frequently asked questions

Good4.Global is a benefit corporation, as stipulated in our articles of incorporation. Our primary goal is to educate and encourage companies to lead with purpose and sustainable practices. As such, we believe it is important for us to demonstrate that we understand the business mindset by being a for-profit company ourselves, while making a strong statement through our actions about our commitment to genuine prosperity for all of our stakeholders and for our world. That said, Good4.Global also works with a charity partner, the Y Foundation, to deliver key charitable programs around human transformation and poverty relief.

No. But we do believe that the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals provide a global roadmap to prosperity for all life on Earth, and we focus on providing SDG-centered education.

Good4.Global is far more than a marketing effort for companies who want to boast SDG action and CSR without putting action behind their words. Such baseless marketing efforts are harmful, as they give consumers a false sense of contributing to the greater good when they support them. Good4.Global requires signed commitments from company CEOs and/or CFOs on annual targets and reporting on the fulfillment of such commitments during annual renewals.

Yes. After English and French, the next languages to be made available are: Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, German and Italian.

You’ll have to discover that for yourself! But one thing is certain – there is currently no other platform with the unique offerings and functionalities of Good4.Global. We don’t just talk about prosperity – we build the tools to create it.

Do you have a question about Good4.Global or an idea you’d like to see implemented? Please share it in the form below, and we will post an answer for the benefit of everyone in our community. Thank you!

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