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in Sustainable Developpment
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G4G Impact Funds
to support the issues and priorities of the Outaouais
in terms of sustainable property
The 4P Method
A unique, easy and structuring approach
to implement a sustainable development approach
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Change is achievable is a social enterprise that invests a significant portion of its profits to support the local community and create a better world. Through an innovative and inclusive platform, G4G offers a positive space for companies, organizations and citizens who want to discover and invest in a new model of prosperity.

A local directory

Find and support local businesses that are concretely involved in sustainable development and creating a strong local economy

An imperative project

G4G offers simple and scalable tools and responds to an imperative need to act locally for a global change

The essential starting point

G4G is the meeting tool between citizens and entrepreneurs who want to collaborate and make informed choices

The G4G impact funds

G4G is also an impact fund that supports priority local causes and supports projects that contribute concretely to social equity.

The G4G directory will be online soon!

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We are a hub for businesses, community groups and individuals everywhere, equipping them to create genuine prosperity through the SDG framework

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Good4.Global is a proud founding member of this global network to advance the SDGs through local action

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To create a strong global ecosystem and a new model for prosperity

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