The Good4.Global Ecosystem: Your Place to Shine

Good4.Global (G4G) is launching its website and touring businesses across Canada’s national capital region, helping them to assess how they can advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and improve their social impact. The response is resoundingly positive, as dozens of leading companies have opened their doors to G4G. Can G4G visit your company? The right time to position your business for prosperity is now – more than ever. G4G will help you to do that in a way that is achievable and very affordable. 

Soon, the full G4G platform will go live, and you’ll definitely want your business showcased there! Among other things, the new platform will feature a local search engine, pointing consumers directly to member businesses. Forward thinking businesses will also want to sponsor thematic communities of their choice, each one dedicated to a specific sector such as food, health, agriculture, construction, automotive, etc. And in the spirit of collaboration, each of these sector communities will become its own hub of knowledge for businesses wanting to improve their practices and for consumers looking to support proactive businesses.

Together, let’s strengthen the local economy and create genuine prosperity for the region. Contact G4G today! Phone: 613.686.1912 Email:

Author: alex

Martine Lepage

Chief Editor

Automotive sector

I’m passionate to see consumers impacting the automotive industry through the G4G community. The advances being made by manufacturers are encouraging, but there is so much ahead and together we can drive further change.Let’s make it happen!
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